Typing Club
Digital Passport
DPS Google
Wonderful Wednesday Survey


Coding Challenges

Objective: I will design a game, story, or animation using your choice of coding programs.

1) Warm Up: Typing
2) Coding Project Intro
-Scratch Project Starters


Boat Design Challenge

Objective: I will complete a written reflection on my boat design.
Agenda:1) Typing Club2) Google Classroom3) Boat Design Reflection


CMAS Practice Tests

CMAS/PARCC Practice Tests


State of Colorado

Objective: I will compare and contrast 2 Colorado landmarks' history, geography, government, and economy to create a final presentation using LucidPress.

Daily Goal: I will copy & paste my Lucidpress presentation onto my Colorado History Google Doc to turn in

How do I copy and paste
my presentation into
my Google Doc to turn in?

Daily Goal: I will learn the basic functions of LucidPress to present about my Colorado landmarks.

How do I find

How do I start a
presentation with

What are the basic
skills of LucidPress?


1) Typing Club

2) Go to the Google Classroom -- click on Waffle - Google Classroom

3) Select "Colorado History Project" & Open it -- use this to take notes

4) Use these websites to help you find info:
-Colorado Encyclopedia


Argo Gold Mine
Mesa Verde NationalPark
Royal Gorge Railway
Crested Butte
Durango & SilvertonNarrow Gauge Railway
Rocky Mountain
National Park
Bent's Old Fort
Vail Ski Resort

Objective: I will have a better understanding of the economy, history, government, and geography of the state of Colorado using Culture Grams State Edition


1) Typing Club

2) Culture Grams State Edition

3) Go to the Google Classroom -- click on Waffle - Google Classroom

4) Colorado & your Choose another state


Computer Programming/Coding


Objective: I will learn the basics of computer coding by dragging & dropping blocks to move characters on the screen so I can learn to create my own game or animation.


1) Typing Club

2) Why learn Computer Coding?

3) Project Ideas

3) Choices for learning how to drag & drop blocks:


Learn how to drag & drop
coding blocks within these

-Plants vs Zombies


-Frozen with Ana & Elsa

-Star Wars



Choose the beginner project to
create with Scratch:

-Create your own Google Logo

-Animate Your Name

-Make it Fly

-Make Music

Creating a Scratch account:


Book Reviews

1) 4th grade Questionnaire2) Please take home your Cardboard Challenge projects.

Objective Day 1: I will change the color, font, or look of my text to finish my book review so it can be posted on the Steck Book Blog and shared with an authentic audience.

DAY 1: *Finish the Cardboard Challenge Reflection if you have not*
1) Typing Club
2) Menard Google Classroom
Heinz Google Classroom
3) Find the book review assignment in the Google Classroom to complete
4) Find a nonfiction book in the library to complete the assignment
4) Videos:
How do I change the color,
font, and look of my text?

How do I add an image
of my book to my book review?

September/OctoberCardboard Challenge
Cardboard Challenge Reflection
Objective: After completing the cardboard challenge, I will reflect, in writing, on what I built, how I reached my daily goal, and how I could improve if I had more time to share my cardboard challenge to authentic audience on our Makerspace blog.

1) Typing Club
2) Join the Google Classroom -- go to DPS Google
Menard =
Heinz = 3il90mv
3) Add Photo Booth photo to your Google Doc reflection (see video below)
4)) Begin reflection
How do I add my Photo Booth picture of my project to the Google Doc reflection?

Cardboard Challenge DAY 4Objective: I will complete the daily goal my group set for the 2nd day of building my cardboard challenge prototype.
1) Review Daily Goal -- make changes as necessary2) Building

Cardboard Challenge DAY 3Objective: I will complete the plans for my plans for the cardboard challenge, have a conversation with Mr. Almon about my plans, and work on completing my first daily goal of my cardboard challenge.

1) Group Member Roles
2) Explanation of where each group will work (and store their work)3) Conversation & feedback from Mr. Almon4) Assigning work space
Cardboard Challenge DAY 2Objective: I will navigate ideas for my cardboard challenge project to make a decision on what to build by sharing my ideas in a Google Form survey.

1) Typing Club
2) What is the Global Cardboard Challenge? How can we participate? What types of projects do you notice kids building?
3) Caine's Arcade 2
4) Possible projects

More projects

5) Google Form:

Cardboard Challenge DAY 1
Objective: I will navigate ideas for my cardboard challenge project to make a decision on what to build by sharing my ideas in a Google Form survey.

1) Typing Club
2) Book Fair Preview
3) Caine's Arcade
4) Cardboard Challenge Intro

Objective: I will have a better understanding of the computer lab expectations by completing 1 lesson on Digital Passport.

END OF CLASS: Online Safety Google Form
1) Quietly to your seats
2) Assign Computers
3) Computer Expectations
4) Typing Club (see link at the top of this page)
5) Digital Passport
(see link at the top of this page)

About Me Trailer
Objective: I will create a movie trailer all about ME using iMovie.
Agenda:1) Typing Club2) Click on DPS Google -- login using your username & password3) Drag your saved pics onto the background of your computer4) Open iMovie -- click on the spyglass in the upper right hand corner of your computer screen. Type iMovie & click it to open it.5) Choose "Movie Trailer"

1st Week:

Objective: I will have a better understanding of how to work in a group by creating a playground with Legos.

1) Start on the carpet
2) Folders -- draw a picture of something fun you did this summer
3) Class Dojo
4) Classroom Expectation/Group Work Expectations
4) Lego Building -- Playground