Typing Club

Digital Passport
DPS Google


Google Classroom

  1. Sign in to Classroom at classroom.google.com.
  2. Use your google account email: 555555@dpsk12.net 8 digit bday
  3. On the blue login screen use this: lunch # 8 digit bday
  4. Click +.
  5. Enter the code: UZMBKY
  6. click Join.


Objective: I will create a simple game using Scratch.

1) Typing Club
2) Scratch




Colorado Landmarks

If you're finished with Landmarks project:
Math Games

Objective: I will research my 2 Colorado landmarks and discover how it relates to geography, government, economy, and the history of Colorado.
Walking Classroom Survey (for Mrs. Heinz)

1) Warm Up: Typing Club
2) Introduce Colorado Landmarks project
3) Research:
-National Parks
-National Parks
-Historic Railways
-Bent's Old Fort
-Argo Mine
-Denver Civic Center

Obejctive: I will have a better understanding of the basics of PREZI (templates, frames, adding images, adding text) so I can create a presentation for my Colorado History project.

1) Warm Up: Typing Club
2) Prezi
3) Create a Prezi about something that interests you (that's school appropriate) to learn the basics

Objective: I will have a better understanding of the State of Colorado by completing my Colorado Web Quest.**


1) Warm Up: Typing Club

2) Go to: DPS Online Database

3) Find CultureGrams: State Edition --- click on Colorado

4) Complete your Colorado worksheet


CMAS testing tutorials

Objective: I will be better prepared for the PARCC test by completing the PARCC games proficiently.


1) Typing Club
2) PARCC Games
3) Choose 2 reading games/2 math games -- share with a partner

Objective: Students will have a better understanding of the CMAS/PARCC tests by completing the testing tutorials proficiently.


1) Warm Up: Typing Club Test -- record your score in your folder
2) PARCC Tutorials -- click View TestNav 8 Tutorial
3) Complete the PARCC tools and questions worksheet as we work through the tutorials
4) Any questions you have about PARCC or if you have any advice to give your classmates post it:
Menard's Padlet
Heinz's Padlet
5) PARCC Practice Tests

Jan 26-30

Khan Academy

Objective: I will have a better understanding of how Khan Academy could help me in my core classes by completing a lesson proficiently.

1) Typing Club
2) Khan Academy
3) Complete a Math lesson

Jan 12-16

InstaGrok-Searching the internet

Objective: I will have a better understanding of how to search the internet by creating concept maps and sharing them.

*If you finish InstaGrok, try these sites:
username= dpssteck password= dpsbrainpop
-NovelList K-8
helps you find the next best book

1) Warm Up: Typing Club
2) InstaGrok--click Login (top right corner) & create a new account
-Name & username = Lunch #
-Password = 8 digit birthday
-Email = lunch #@dpsk12.net (example - 555555@dpsk12.net)
*if you don't have an email, use steckstudents4@gmail.com
3) Search something you're interested in learning more about (must be school appropriate)
4) Use the InstaGrok worksheet to document your research



Jan 6-9

Creative Credit

Objective: I will learn about copyright, credit, and plagiarism, and apply it to their own creative work

1) Typing Club--take the test if you weren't here on Wed.
2) What do the words copyright and plagiarism mean?
3) Log into Digital Passport
4) Complete Mix and Mash

Google Documents -- Sharing your Projects

Objective: I will create a new document, share it with my teacher, and create links to my projects on the document.
1) Warm Up: Typing Club Test
2) Login into DPS Google (link to Google is above)
3) Follow the Google Power Point

4) Book Checkout
5) Complete this Google Docs Survey




Objective: I will create a simple game using the Scratch blocks (coding).

1) Warm Up: Typing Club
2) Scratch
3) Create an account using your Student ID # as username & 8-digit birthday as password
4) Complete the Step-By-Step Intro in the Tips Window

Oct 13-Nov 21

Book Reviews -- Animoto

Obejctive: I will analyze a book of my choice and produce a book review using Animoto.

If finished with ENTIRE project: Kids Know It

How to LINK your Animoto to your typed book review in Google Drive:
1) Once your Animoto book review is finished, PRODUCE it.
2) Click on the link button to your project:

3) Click Copy to Clipboard

4) Go to your Google Drive book review & paste it at the bottom of your book review by clicking below your typed paragraph and Clicking Edit & Paste

1) Warm Up: Typing Club
2) Go to Animoto
3) Create an account in Animoto (see handout)
4) Find/Save pictures using Kidzsearch
5) Create a book review using Animoto.

Oct 6-Oct 10
Searching the Internet--BrainPOP
How can BrainPOP help you in your classes?

Objective: I will have a better understanding of the activities/games/videos on BrainPOP by discovering new
new activities, explaining them through writing, and sharing them with a partner.

1) Warm Up: Typing Club
2) Go to BrainPOP
3) Click LOGIN -- username: dpsbrainpop password: dpsbrainpop
4) Review Worksheet
5) 5 minutesdiscover new activitiy/write it down; 3 minutes
share with you partner

Introduction to TenMarks

Objective: I will have a better understanding of TenMarks online math lessons by logging into my account and completing the first math lesson.

1) Warm Up: Typing Club
2) TenMarks -- login and complete the first lesson

Sept 29-Oct 3
Introduction to Google Accounts
Objective: I will show I understand my Google Account by logging in, finding my Google Drive, and uploading my Comic Life project to my Google Drive.
Student Google login directions:
1) Go to http://googlemail.dpsk12.net and log in.
-Students’ usernames: Their six-digit student ID number.
-Passwords: Birthday as an 8 digit mmddyyyy number (e.g., 01052007 = January 5, 2007).
2) Go to Google Drive -- click on the group of tiles in the top right corner of your Gmail
3) Google Drive Video
3) Upload your Comic Life project into your Google Drive

Sept 12-26

Comic Life--Self project

Objective: I will explain what I like to do in my free time, what subjects I like in school, and what I hope to learn in technology class by creating a comic in Comic Life.


1) Warm Up: Typing Club

2) Introduction to Comic Life

3) Finding/Saving Images

4) Comic Life Project:

-What do you like to do for fun?

-What subjects do you like in school?

-What do you hope to learn in technology class?

Sept 8-12


Objective: I will compare different forms of cyberbullying and the roles of those involved,interpret scenarios that illustrate the importance of empathizing with targets of cyberbullying, and identify ways to be an Upstander when cyberbullying occurs.

1) Warm up: Typing Club (click on the link above)
2) Log into Digital Passport (click on the link above)
3) Cyberbullying Video
4) Cyberbullying Mission: the Cyberbullying Mission will unlock on your homepage once you have completed all three rounds of E-volve. You should complete the Mission with a partner.
5) Book Checkout
6) Discussion:How would you describe cyberbullying to someone who didn’t know the term? If you're being bullied, what should you do? What are some ways in which you can be an Upstander?

Sept 3-4

Typing Club
Objective: I will have a better understanding of typing club by logging in and completing the first lesson at a proficient level.

1) Computer Assignments
2) Go to: http://steckstars.typingclub.com
3) Log into your account
4) Typing Club Video
5) Complete Lesson 1 Alphabets
6) What do like about Typing Club? How will Typing Club help you on PARCC?

Aug 29
What information is safe and smart to put online?
Objective: I will have a better understanding of how to keep myself safe online by completing the Privacy: Share Jumper mission to earn my Digital Passport.

1) Warm Up: Your assigned a computer; Log into your Grade Level; Open Firefox
2) Tape your student Login sheet into your folder
3) Go to: Digital Passport
4) Login in with student information
5) Share Jumper Video
6) Work on Missions
7) Wrap Up: Clean Up procedures

Aug 27

objective: I will have a better understanding of the rules & expectations of technology class

1) Practice coming in quietly & finding your seat
2) Read through rules/expectations
3) Table Partners (powerpoint presentation)
4) Warning System -- Yellow Cards & Red Cards
5) Class Dojo
6) Volume Levels
7) People Bingo
8) Sign Expectations